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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ti Amo

Am finally back in Malaysia after an amazing ten days in Italy :)

Advertisement break time.

*clears throat*
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p.s Italy post ahead, stay tuned people!

p.p.s Christmas is coming in 3 days! happy happy joy joy :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

India! Part 2

As lazy as i am, i promised to post the pictures up so here it is : )

( omg i'm flying off tommorow and i haven't even started packing yet! and i have a zillion things i've to get for the trip and i have some calls to make before i leave. dieee :/ )

So here were some thoughts when i was in India,

the place is DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY.
the streets are filled with cow dung, camel dung, goat dung, you name it you got it.
there's no such thing as waking up to lovely fresh air to the buzz of the bees chirps of the birds etc. Also, its really polluted, maybe because there're so many vehicles everywhere.

Have i told you about the drivers in India? homg, they take the term CRAZY DRIVERS to a whole new level, i tell you, u can see cars going both ways on a one way street! -_- and i noticed a really weird policy or rule in India, at the back of most of the cars, they have a sticker saying HONK PLEASE. chaotic traffic situation, check.

And come on, do we really look that outrageous? We spotted so many random locals snapping pictures of us as we toured around India. that, was really too much. in India, we're really like stars! everywhere we go, there are paparazzis ready to take our pics -_-

but one thing that touched me was how truly blessed i was to live in a country like Malaysia. where there isn't AS much discrimination, where it is a rich and clean land and there is actually fresh air to be enjoyed. AND WHERE CHAR KUEY TEOW, PAN MEE, DIM SUM, LAKSA..*salivates* are available.
aren't we so luckyyyyy : )

i sound like some Malaysia truly Asia advert o.o

anyway, yes, all it took me was a trip down India to make me realise how blessed i was, and really, looking at those kids, who at a young age have to beg for money just to hold on to what's left of a meager life they have, and to never know what it'll feel like to graduate from high school or to take a walk in school shoes.

i remember seeing the look on a little girl's face at about the age of eleven, when she saw us, the group of noisy Malaysians. she was barefoot, dressed in rags and her hair dishevelled. At first i thought that she was going to come beg for money, to plead that we feed her baby(its exactly like in slumdog where those kids would carry babies around to beg), but when she stopped to stare at our shoes, i understood.

i saw the awe in her eyes, first the sparkle, i could feel her wonder and excitement over the pair of shoes, and then there was sadness.

right there and then, i really wished that i had given her my shoes.

it would've made the little girl's day :)

For MC : ) how much trouble it took to take this wonderful pic!

We visited the Taj Mahal as well, which was quite obviously the highlight of our tour! : ) the building is magnificent but what's even better was the story behind it. How Shah Jahan built that beautiful castle to commemorate his late wife and as a symbol of his unconditional love for her.

sigh, when will i get MY very own Taj Mahal ;)

Before entering the Taj Mahal, you'll see a really gorgeous red building like the one above. Preparing you for the bigger picture! you're not really able to see the Taj Mahal from outside this building so tourists have to walk through this entrance to get to the Taj Mahal.

I can tell you this, we were awestruck when we saw the taj mahal, then that was where all the girly squeels starts. It is really THAT amazing : )

These pictures don;t do it enough justice, really.

look how intricate the interior is!
up close

This building was recently built, its facing the Taj Mahal and its supposed to symbolise Shah Jahan :)

This place is awesome for aspiring photographers! beautiful architecture, and beautiful people! :p

Jon! super gentleman and is one of the nicest guys i know.
interested? :)
Next up, the water palace.
I really dunno the history behind it :x
the Red Fort
all i remembered was taking about 20 jump shots there which failed miserably :p
This place is like a less grander version of the Great Wall of China.
This place is where Mahatma Gandhi was buried. It's actually a huge memorial park and there are trees and luscious greenery. And its supposed to be sacred, everyone had to take off their shoes inside this compound.
The president of India lives here. A stark contrast compared to where the rest of the majority of Indians live.
I didn't take much pictures but most of the Indians who are from the middle class and below, live in houses that are in really terrible conditions. the roofs are made of mud or straw and are normally not completed.
Random pictures
They actually have haircut services by the roadside!
This is a bad picture but check out the guy in the middle. omg ROSS CLONE!!! i spotted an Eric Bana clone too!

Fel, i may not understand the pain you are going through over Que Que's death right now but i just want you to know that you are not walking alone, if there's anything you need or you just wanna talk, always always know that i'm available : )
One of the horniest(don't kill me fel!), hyper and bising dogs i've came across :)
you're in a good place now.
R.I.P Que Que

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

4 Girls At The Back

Jan '09

Had a fun day with Andrea Lee giller, Xian Qi ruler of the school and Zoe Bootay yesterday : )

aka 3 girls at the back, plus me its 4 girls at the back(well duh-_-)

that was what all the teachers used to label us back in those days, where we were so called ''notoriously bising and problematic''

trust me, when you're in a class like Matahari. Innocent demure girls like us can actually become the black sheep of the class :/

omg la, we've been through all sort of hilarious, crazy, dramatic situations together.
Running to ou in the rain and then bumping into some people we were trying to avoid, devicing strategic places to hide our phones during spot checks(which is so pointless cmon), going through image galleries and then discovering shocking sexuality discoveries, being called into the office for low socks -_-, countless picnics in class, pissing off puan noorazma, making songs about puan noorazma( and about anything in the world at all),pissing the whole class off with our singing, laughing over the weirdest things, lusting over that boy who could do so many flips(zoe! ahem :p ) and so much more.
i swear, these 3 are the reason why going to school wasn't torturing! thank goodness :)
sigh, now i miss you girls! why am i so sentimental+corny+cheesy!!fdhfkjshfskjdhflsjahslafasd
Zoe's one out of a million proper looking face!

This is such a tourist shot.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chilli pan mee is LOVE <3

Geek joke of the day B )

To sum it up in one word, the Cambridge speaking test was horrifying.

I honestly had NO FRICKIN CLUE it was going to be that difficult! sigh. but i guess i sorta had a hunch, seeing all the other 20-30 year old people who signed up for the exam as well.

dahlah lost my voice, my train of thoughts when KAPOOFT on me during the exam, BUT..i did my best la.

i spluterred, rambled, yes i really rambled due to extreme nervousness, and bullshitted my way through so i'm just PRAYING real hard that whatever i said somehow made sense to the examiner *launches into nonsensical muttering*

blehh, i was asked to comment on the effect of the changes of the human rhythm of life and how things like AGRICULTURE have an effect/is affected by it -_-

and the pics given to me and teck hing we had to discuess about,OMG holy mama -_________-

i have never felt so helpless my whole life!
ok i actually felt incredibly helpless and idiotic when i sat for my accounts paper but whatever. this comes a CLOSE SECOND! : (

anyway, since coming back from camp, i've been bumming around/going to ou. :)

problematics day tmrw, can't wait!


psst Fierce!